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Camera Shy In Southwest Austin Teen Portrait Session

"A woman's best jewelry is her shyness."

I get it. I've been there. I'm still there. My mother has a collection of pictures of me and there is one thing in common with every hands are over my face. I was like Jedi fast and could literally sense the camera being pulled out. I hated pictures of myself and I refused to be captured in a photo...ever.

Well there was one exception. I took senior portraits when I was seventeen. I stressed about my face, my hair, and my outfits which were reflective of our lack of fashion finances. But when I look back at those fresh faced photos, I love them simply because I look like me and I look pretty at the same time. I treasure those images because there are so few that I can look back on without my face covered or a too critical eye.

So trust me, I understand how it may feel vulnerable in front of the camera. When we photographed Jordan for this session, we brought along her close friend to giggle with her on the sidelines. And it was a nice touch, because the more she forgot herself and how to present a beautiful face, the more authentically gorgeous and captivating she became.

If you are camera shy, let me know and let me work with you. I always wanted lovely pictures of myself. I enjoyed feeling great in my own skin and loving what made me unique and attractive. That is exactly what I'd like to amplify for each of my clients so they can finish their session with a collection of timeless and complimentary images that make them feel flush with joy.

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