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I am a mom first and forever.  Being a parent and a woman in this community informs my creativity, my relationship with my clients and their beloved family members.  I am also a creative professional, all the time.  As a single bread-winner, providing for my family is paramount and I want to deliver a product that my clients find timeless and valuable. 

I have three children spanning elementary, middle and high school.  They are amazing and amazingly different in personality.  They are raising me to be inspired, ambitious, empathetic, patient and willing to try, try again.  I hope I'm raising them as well...we shall see!

I love adventure and I am a curious wanderer!

Does that have to be across the ocean, no way!  I wander down local streams, push into the trees and scour downtown alleys, constantly searching for beauty and emotion.

I adore my community!

Being a part of a family within my home, makes it all the more significant to connect with my community outside my home.  I relish being a part of your weddings, graduations, births and celebrations. 


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