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Perfect Moments in Dripping Springs Texas

My kids aren't toddlers anymore but I remember car trips and I appreciated Ambre's reminder that her kids wouldn't be happy for pictures after a long drive. It's also a hot summer with very little rain, so finding a small reflective and algae free pond was going to be most the battle.

My big kids were much more complicit on our pond mission, helping me find clean water in the most unlikeliest of places. It goes to show you that even when you review a location, it may not be all you envisioned in your mind but this is where the creativity kicks in. From certain angles our very cramped and boggy location would look like a wonderland and just on the other side of the street was a itty bitty pond with clean water. It was perfect to float a boat.

Location: Bee Cave area

Session: Children's Photography with specialized editing

Details: Riverbed session

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