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  • Private training and field trip classes for young artists!
  • Too many selfies in your home?  Start cultivating their true creative expression with personalized courses.
  • Tired of driving to extra-curricular activities?  I'll do the driving directly to your home.
  • Not enough time to practice? No problem.. My classes include hands-on field trips to build their portfolio and skills. 


Photography I - Beginner Course

1 hr classes  |  4-week consecutive course | $400
-or- Bimonthly Field Trip Classes | 2-hour field trip each | $400

A 4-Week course on consecutive weekdays, 1-hour classes, taught at your location plus a photography practice field trip to Austin - $400.  Or if your kiddo prefers field trips choose the bi-monthly field trip practice classes for 2-hours, twice a month - $400.


Our kids have unique & creative voices; I offer programs to strengthen and inspire their creative expression. Plus, I will come to you. This means less time on the road for extra-curricular interests and a more convenient way to develop new interests!


PHOTOGRAPHY I will thoroughly cover the student's personal photographic equipment, numerous exposure strategies, complete focus and depth of field control, and creative composition practice. 


This class is designed for students with no previous knowledge of photography, so beginners should feel entirely welcome. A camera is required.


Classes take place at your home for your convenience and I utilize local sites near the student's home for practice.   Each 4-week session includes one field trip to local photography site in and around Austin city.



Beginner Course

Photography II - Portfolio Course

2-hour classes  for 2 weeks of a month and two Saturday field trips  | $600

2-hour classes for 2 weeks of a month and two Saturday field trips, starting at your location and including weekly field trips to top photography sites in your area.  


We welcome young photography artists! This program is for kids and teens interested in building an online portfolio to showcase their creative work and growing photography skill. This course includes field trips to local photography locations in and around Austin, intended to inspire their interest and provide opportunities for expressive captures and producing a collection of portfolio work.


In subsequent courses, class instruction includes building an online portfolio to share what your kids/teens have learned and provide a professional way to display their collections.


(Additional fees may apply for online portfolio hosting, however, I can teach free options as well.)


Portfolio Course

Photography III - Editing

​​​1 hr classes  |  4-week consecutive course | $550

4-Week Course on Consecutive Weekdays, 1-hour classes, taught at your location.


Do you already enjoy taking photos but would like to learn how to create next level photographs from your raw or jpeg files? This introduction to photo editing will most likely create a lifelong love of photography, especially for digitalphiles because so much more is possible inside of Lightroom than you thought possible.


This class will also include an introduction to digital editing technique using Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, as I find many students interest is peaked when they see what they can do digitally to their photographs in post-production. Accommodations can be made for students who need access to this software and are willing to learn in another location.


Location & Contact Details

Classes take place in your home, so there is no extra hassle for you.

Lighroom For Beginners

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