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Small Wedding Lifestyle Photography at Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood Texas

Wedding Photography is all about listening to the bride and listening really, really well. She was thrilled about her sunset wedding, but her schedule fell after the sun set. Wedding schedules sometimes have to endure changes and stretch, so I planned for there to be very little light with my set up. But I didn't plan for the gas lamps in the chapel to not be lit, neither did the bride. Their pitch dark ceremony was lit by iphone light, which was super cute and very romantic, as the family nestled in even closer to see this beautiful moment in the simplest of ways. And I was able to capture the ceremonies with what was supposed to be a natural light photography moment, but quickly became and 'make it happen with everything I've got' moment. At the end of the day, what matters is the bride thought her pictures would be in total darkness and she was thrilled that the scene was illuminated, just as much as she felt inside! Of course, I caught a quick capture of their preacher reading his scriptures with the iphone light of his dear wife, because memories are so much sweeter with time!

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